Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Goodbye to a Friend

It's a typical winter day here in NY State; single digit cold with clear blue skies and enough sunshine that it would make you think that winter was on the way out and spring was around the corner and that things might be heading in the direction of cheerful.

Unfortunately, our friendliest rooster, Inigo, was found in such a bad state that we had to euthanize him today. The worst part about it was that a few days ago, he seemed a little off so we brought him in the house and fed him - he acted like a normal chicken - so we chalked it up to being a little paranoid and put him back out with the other birds. Obviously, that was a big mistake and we should have listened to our intuition.

It's exceptionally hard with chickens, because they are such friendly birds, to see one go downhill that quickly and have to take care of sending him on his way, yourself. It's the one last gift we can give them, but still very hard nonetheless.

Good bye, Inigo Montoya.

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