Sunday, July 29, 2012

We Bought the Farm!

Well, here we go!

As most people aspiring to homestead and prepare know - location is everything! Living somewhere that works for what you are trying to do is key. For years we have lived somewhere and dreamed of homesteading but the location wasn't right and we spent a few years just struggling with the environment. We finally made the jump though and we're very excited to get this party started!

The house is an almost 200 year old Quaker farmhouse, built on 7 acres with some outbuildings. There's a spring-fed pond, almost 3 acres of fields, forests, wild berries, fruit trees, and tons of potential :)

As we've learned from the small projects we have already taken on, homesteading and skill-building is really re-learning to live. Sometimes it's dragging up old equipment, techniques and knowledge that are all but lost. Sometimes it's popular to do certain projects; like making cheese or jam - but there are so many different ways to do it that it can seem intimidating!

We are teachers at heart and love to pass on the knowledge that we attain. We wish to help build the knowledge base of surviving, homesteading, farming, etc. Helping to assure that people who wish to take on such activities have an easier time of it and don't have to reinvent the wheel (unless they want to!).

We have a ton of projects ahead of us that we are excited to share with you all! We have a cow in boarding now that is coming this fall, gardening tips/lessons, parenting tips for the large family, root cellaring, cheese making, butter churning, pickling, canning, preserving, ducks, chickens, smoking (we have a smokehouse here, we don't condone the use of tobacco!), grain processing, and much much more!

Okay, as most farmers know, less talk and more work is needed for a successful farm! So, enough introduction and onward with the journey! We just harvested our first cucumbers yesterday so look for a post on pickles soon!

We are so glad you came to visit our blog and look forward to sharing the journey with you! Drop us a line, comment, etc - keep in touch and ya'll come back now, ya here!?